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Renault Zoe could have 220 mile range

Renault Zoe could have 220 mile range

The first generation Renault Zoe will be launched in October this year, however a second edition due in 2014 is expected to have a range more than twice that of the first generation, of around 220 miles.

Unlike the Fluence and Kangoo Z.E. models, the Zoe has been designed from scratch to accommodate an electric drivetrain. The first Zoe version will be launched with a 100 mile range, similar to other models in the Z.E. range.

Renault will be officially unveiling the Zoe at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, and we will have to wait until then before confirmation of the specification and range of their new 2014 Zoe edition.

Renault have said that the extension to range has been made possible due to advances in battery technology, however more than doubling the range to 220 miles is quite an impressive jump in the technology adopted.

This will make the Zoe much more attractive to a far wider audience, as a 220 mile range satisfies the needs of a considerably larger amount of journeys. The second generation Zoe will be manufactured at a Renault plant in Flins, just outside Paris.

In terms of range, only one other electric car available today will compete with the second generation Zoe – that is the Tesla Roadster, with a total electric only range of 245 miles. Although the Roadster has been available for over a year, and the Zoe won't be in showrooms for another couple of years, the price difference is enormous.

The first Zoe though, due for launch later this year, will be one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market, from just £14,500 including the Government's £5,000 plug-in car grant. However, in addition to this there will be a monthly battery lease charge of £65.

Renault are the first mainstream electric vehicle manufacturer to offer their cars with separate battery leasing, but it ensures that customers will have up-to-date battery technology and will be guaranteed against battery degradation.

The Zoe is expected to dish out 222 Nm of torque from a standstill, and is expected to move from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 8.1 seconds. It will be an important and likely popular member of Renault's all-electric Z.E. range.

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