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LowCVP appoints new Managing Director

LowCVP appoints new Managing Director

Andy Eastlake has been appointed as the new MD of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) – the organisation established to support the Government's Climate Change Strategy by delivering greenhouse gas reductions from the road transport sector.

Andy has a strong background in mechanical engineering, spending most of his career to date at Millbrook Proving Ground where he has specialised for the last 15 years in powertrain developments. Andy joined Millbrook after a year's training with Vauxhall Motors by whom he was sponsored to study for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University.

Throughout his career, Andy has worked to ensure that robust data is used to prove the credentials of green vehicles and to demonstrate scientific integrity in the marketing claims of vehicles and systems. He has presented many technical papers across the world on issues surrounding the testing of vehicles, increasingly focusing on issues relating to vehicles' carbon dioxide emissions.

Commenting on his appointment, transport minister Norman Baker said, "I look forward to working with Andy Eastlake in his new role as Managing Director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. The LowCVP is a valued partner in the challenging and important work to reduce carbon emissions on our roads. I am delighted to welcome Mr Eastlake and wish him every success."

The LowCVP was established in 2003 to take a lead in accelerating the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels in the UK and to help ensure that UK business can benefit from that shift. It has around 200 organisations amongst its membership from the automotive and fuel industries, the environmental sector, government, academia, road user groups and other organisations with a stake in the low carbon vehicles and fuels agenda.

Andy originally joined the team at Millbrook as a durability engineer, shortly moving to the emissions department to build a new laboratory and develop emissions testing procedures. More recently he has worked on consultancy projects for UK and European governments to develop testing procedures for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.

On his appointment with the LowCVP, Andy Eastlake said, "Having Supported the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership since its inception in 2003 out of the Powering Future Vehicles strategy I am excited about having the opportunity to help set the agenda in this vital area of policy."

"I am looking forward to working with the excellent secretariat team and with the Board, who I regard as both friends and colleagues, to create industry collaboration and government support towards the ultimate aim of carbon free mobility."

Andy Eastlake will take up his post as Managing Director of the LowCVP on April 16.

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