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Elektromotive powers GreenFleet event

Elektromotive powers GreenFleet event

Elektromotive is to provide five of its innovative Elektrobay electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for GreenFleet Scotland taking place today.

As 'Recharging Technology Partner', Elektromotive will be responsible for keeping more than 20 EVs fully charged between test drives around the showground, including the Vauxhall Ampera and Nissan Leaf.

GreenFleet Scotland, which takes place at the Royal Highland Showground in Ingliston, Edinburgh, provides fleet managers and heads of transport with low-emission vehicle test drives, fuel-efficient driver training and practical information from seminars and exhibitors.

The Elektrobays will feature throughout the event, which is expected to attract more cars and exhibits than ever before, giving visitors a true insight into EV charging technology and the prospects for electric-powered motoring.

With over 650 Elektrobay charging stations already installed in the UK for private and public use, and over 1,600 units installed worldwide, Elektromotive is leading the expansion of the EV charging infrastructure.

The Three-Phase Elektrobay has an output of 400 Volts, 32 Amps and 21 Kwh. This makes it ideal for charging the larger, heavy-duty batteries that are fitted to electric light commercial vehicles.

Intended largely for major road routes, Elektromotive can supply a 50 Kw, DC-to-DC Rapid Charge unit, which can charge a compatible passenger EV to 80% of its capacity in only 20 minutes. The Rapid Charge Elektrobay has been installed in car parks and service stations on main roads around the UK, where there is a fundamental need to quickly recharge during longer journeys.

Elektromotive also has an EV charger home and office environment. The Home Charger is a unit that features the new Mode 3 protocols and is compatible with the latest breed of electric vehicles now on the market. This unit can have either a fixed cable and plug supporting J1772 or 62196-2 standards, or a 62196 socket. It is designed to integrate with timed 'smart' meters, which some major electricity suppliers plan to introduce.

"Lots of companies are now looking at the viability of running their own EV fleets, and GreenFleet Scotland is a great opportunity to highlight the infrastructure issues that organisations need to consider," comments Calvey Taylor-Haw, Managing Director of Elektromotive.

"The new Rapid Charge Elektrobay offers an immediate solution to reducing the 'range anxiety' which is already preventing some private and fleet buyers from purchasing EVs. Our new home and workplace Mode 3 charger has proved an instant success, and is helping to encourage more consumers to consider EVs.

"We anticipate the Three-Phase Elektrobay will similarly trigger an increase in demand for suitable electric cars and commercial vehicles, as it can easily be installed in parking lots for private and public use," concludes Taylor-Haw.


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