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Upgraded fortwo ED model looks smart

Upgraded fortwo ED model looks smart

The newly designed third generation electric smart fortwo ED, recently shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will be available in the UK from spring 2012.

The new version has been heavily revised from the previous fortwo ED (electric drive) model, with greater performance and additional range among other refinements.

The revisions have been largely driven by response to extensive customer feedback from various customer trials. Not only has body styling been modified, but a more powerful brushless electric motor from Bosch and improved higher capacity lithium-ion batteries have been adopted.

Peak power has increased by 33 bhp to 73 bhp, with nominal power up by 20 bhp to 47 bhp. Torque has risen by 7 lb/ft to 96 lb/ft, the 0 to 62 mph time has been reduced to under 13 seconds and the top speed has increased from 62 mph to 75 mph.

The available driving range from a full charge has increased to around 90 miles. A full charge will take around 8 hours using a standard mains 3-pin socket, or under an hour using the on-board 22kW high capacity charger. See Next Green Car's Zap-Map for a comprehensive list of UK charge points.

The new smart fortwo ED will be mass produced and is expected to be marketed in 30 countries worldwide.

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