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November updates of Green Car Ratings

November updates of Green Car Ratings

In response to new data sets and the imminent launch of new technology plug-in hybrids, we have updated our fuel and technology database, and redesigned the way we present our Green Car Rating information.

This update will enable us to show you more information on each model page, including the emissions and environmental impacts using different fuels.

For example, the Nissan LEAF model page now displays our Green Car Rating using both 'average mix' and renewable electricity. This shows at a glance the most likely and the lowest possible environmental impact all on one page.

With our new database, we can now give you more information in a clearer format. We think this is essential as, with the advent of new technology types, cars will increasingly be powered with more than one type of fuel. Plug in hybrids, for example, can be powered by electricity, petrol or a blend of the two fuels. As the environmental impact depends depends on the fuel used, we are now able to provide you a clear Green Car Rating for all fuel combinations.

So look out for our new lead Green Car Ratings on the site, and also for new technology types that will be rated for the first time.

In summary, changes on the site being made during November include:
* Multiple Green Car Ratings for electric cars – using average or renewable electricity;
* Multiple and NEW Green Car Ratings for plug-in hybrid cars – using electricity and/or petrol;
* Multiple and NEW Green Car Ratings for diesel hybrid cars – based on test cycle data;
* Multiple Green Car Ratings for bioethanol (E85) cars – using E85 or petrol;
* Real-world Rating corrections for all models including conventional petrol and diesel models – in addition to 'official' figures.

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