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Hyundai leads UK scrappage scheme

Hyundai leads UK scrappage scheme

The Korean company Hyundai has become the king of UK scrappage, taking more than 17,000 orders since the scheme started - that's almost 300 orders per day.

By far the most popular car under the scheme is the i10, taking one in 12 of all orders placed in the UK using scrappage. Extra supplies of the car have been secured from the factory and the company's import centre in Tilbury, Essex, is working around the clock, helping Hyundai to get cars to customers quickly.

Hyundai's managing director, Tony Whitehorn, said: "It's crucial that we get the cars out to buyers as soon as possible, and not only because the customers want their nice new car. The government funds are fast running out, and we want to make sure Hyundai buyers can secure their slice of the scrappage handout before the scheme ends.

"In this sector of the market and in this economic climate, buyers are incredibly price conscious. Other car companies have piled on the pounds with punitive price increases, meaning that comparative mainstream models can cost 30 percent more. That's too big a difference to ignore, especially as the i20 has a better NCAP rating, a longer warranty and a generous level of equipment."

The i20 supermini has also secured nearly 5,000 orders. What Car? named the i20 1.2 Classic as "Britain's Best Scrappage Buy" saying: "How do they do it? Somehow the number-crunchers at Hyundai have worked out they can sell their spacious, safe and well-equipped supermini for less than £7,000.."

The most popular car traded in for a new Hyundai under the scrappage scheme is now the Ford Fiesta (1,406), followed by the Nissan Micra (1,076).

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