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Cars coming soon 2015

This year promises to be exciting with many new low emission models launching in 2015. Keep on top of all the latest releases with Next Green Car's list of electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and low emission petrol and diesel cars coming soon to the UK. Use the search below to filter the results by vehicle class or technology and find a car which will suit your needs.

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SUV CO2: 130+ g/km
OTR: £46,700
Coming soon Summer 2015

AUDI A3 Sportback E-Tron

Small family CO2: 37 g/km
OTR: £29,950
Available now

AUDI Q7 E-Tron Quattro

SUV CO2: 50 g/km
Coming soon Autumn 2015

BMW 1 Series Facelift

Small family CO2: 89 g/km
OTR: £20,775
Available now

BMW 2 Series Convertible

Sports cabrio CO2: 113 g/km
OTR: £26,045
Available now

BMW 3 Series eDrive

Executive CO2: 50 g/km
Coming soon Summer 2016

CITROEN C4 Facelift

Small family CO2: 110 g/km
OTR: £14,500
Coming soon April 2015

CITROEN DS4 Facelift

Small family CO2: 97 g/km
Coming soon Winter 2015

CITROEN DS5 Facelift

Large family CO2: 90 g/km
OTR: £24,000
Coming soon Summer 2015

FIAT 500 X

Crossover CO2: 109+ g/km
OTR: £14,595
Available now

Green cars coming soon 2015

The last two years have seen a remarkable surge in demand for ultra-low emission vehicles. As a result, an increasing number of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are being launched with each of the 10 best-selling brands in the UK now offering an EV as part of their model range.

In addition to the raft of new plug-in cars, there are many other low emission, conventionally-fuelled models coming soon to the UK. With fuel economy front of mind for many consumers, car manufacturers are continuing to release new petrol and diesel models with tailpipe CO2 emissions around or below 100g/km; other larger models are also being launched with segment-leading emission figures. Some caution should be exercised when considering the latest new model emission figures, and resultant high MPG, as it has been shown that achievable real world MPG often differs substantially from the official figures - see Real MPG section for more.

Ben Lane

Author:Ben Lane
Date Updated:27th Jul 2015

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