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What is Real MPG?

Real MPG‘Real MPG’ is intended to provide a realistic indication of a vehicle’s fuel economy as experienced in real world conditions more »

Improving the official test cycle

Real MPGGiven the issues, a new global testing system, named the World Light Duty Test Cycle more »


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In most surveys, having a good fuel economy is one of the top three buying criteria for individuals when they are looking for a new car. This is not surprising given that a high MPG results in lower fuel costs, lower emissions and lower car tax. Next Green Car’s microsite aims not only to offer an overview of the key topics around MPG, namely the issue of discrepancy between official and real-world MPG, details of the fuel economy label and how to reduce fuel bills by eco-driving, but also to provide search tools to find a high MPG new or used car. The best mpg search area enables search by vehicle class and for the user to compare the efficiency performance between similar vehicles; the make/model search allows comparison of different models from a single manufacturer or between different variants of the same model.


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