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A vehicle's fuel economy is one of the top three buying criteria when buying a new or used car. This is not surprising given that a high MPG results in reduced fuel costs, lower CO2 emissions and less car tax. Company car BIK rates are also lower for high MPG cars.

Next Green Car’s microsite provides an overview of the key topics around MPG (miles-per-gallon). In particular we cover the discrepancy between official and real-world MPG, details of the fuel economy label and how to reduce fuel bills by eco-driving.

The 'Best MPG search' page includes search tools to help you find a high MPG new or used car; and the 'Make/model search' allows comparison of different models from a single manufacturer or between different variants of the same model.

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127.0 MPG

ALFA ROMEO Stelvio 2.2 Turbo Super 210hp AWD Auto

127.0 MPG

ALFA ROMEO Stelvio 2.2 Turbo Super 180hp AWD Auto

99.7 MPG

TOYOTA Mirai 113kW Auto

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Date Updated:22nd Sep 2017