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Next Green Car have partnered with GKL Leasing to offer a range of fantastic leasing deals on the UK's greenest cars.

To get a quote on any car simply fill in the form below and an expert from GKL Leasing will get back to you within 24 hours.

GKL is proud to be in partnership with Next Green Car, providing a specialist approach to business car leasing and personal contract hire.

Established in 1985, GKL is a national company with a track record of satisfied customers – 98% of GKL’s clients would recommend GKL to others thinking of leasing a car.

GKL will react quickly and impartially to leasing requirements – no need to look any further to find a good, personalised leasing deal for your next green car.

Fleetdrive Management have been established since 1994 and they provide leasing and other services to UK business users.

During 2010 Fleetdrive set up Fleetdrive Electric to provide a specialist service for new technology plug in cars. If you are looking to lease Electric or Plug in hybrid cars then their expertise and experience will be invaluable in making the right choices.

Fleetdrive are proud to be working in partnership with Next Green Car.

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SMART fortwo cabrio fortwo cabrio 54 bhp cdi Softip 15in rear wheels [ Semi-automatic 5-speed

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Date Updated:28th Jun 2016

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