Hybrid cars in the UK

  • All you need to know about petrol and diesel hybrids
  • Read our 2015 hybrid car buying guide

Hybrid car buying guide

Who should buy a hybrid car?

Having been available for over a decade, hybrids can now be considered as a conventional technology... more »

What models are available now?

Of the many hybrid models now available to buy, one of the most popular remains the Toyota Prius... more »

Available hybrid models 2015

Tax incentives for hybrid cars

Hybrid vehicle costs

How expensive are hybrid cars?

Find out how much more do hybrid cars cost to buy than a conventional non-hybrid petrol or diesel models... more »

Are hybrid vehicles cheap to run?

Fuel, tax and other running costs of hybrid vehicles tend to be less than for petrol and diesel models... more »

Hybrid car news

How do hybrid vehicles work?

  • Parallel and series hybrid cars explained
  • What are hybrid vehicles really like to drive?

Hybrid vehicle guide

Welcome to the hybrid cars microsite where you can find out everything you need to know about hybrid vehicles in the UK. Within the guide, you can find: an overview of hybrid cars, a buying guide which explains the key purchase issues to consider and a list of hybrid models cars currently available to buy as new in the UK. Also included is information on the tax incentives and costs associated with owning a hybrid car. For those interested in how hybrid cars work there is a technology overview, a guide to the green benefits of hybrid vehicles and the latest hybrid car news.


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