Hybrid cars in the UK

  • All you need to know about petrol and diesel hybrids
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Hybrid car buying guide

Who should buy a hybrid car?

Having been available for over a decade, hybrids can now be considered as a conventional technology... more »

What models are available now?

Of the many hybrid models now available to buy, one of the most popular remains the Toyota Prius... more »

Available hybrid models 2014

Tax incentives for hybrid cars

Hybrid vehicle costs

How expensive are hybrid cars?

Find out how much more do hybrid cars cost to buy than a conventional non-hybrid petrol or diesel models... more »

Are hybrid vehicles cheap to run?

Fuel, tax and other running costs of hybrid vehicles tend to be less than for petrol and diesel models... more »

Hybrid news and comment

How do hybrid vehicles work?

  • Parallel and series hybrid cars explained
  • What are hybrid vehicles really like to drive?

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