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Road Transport EmissionsVehicle emissions contribute to the increasing concentration of gases that are leading to climate change. In order of significance, the more »

EU emission standards

EU emission standardsEuropean directives have been instrumental in reducing what are known as the regulated more »


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Vehicle emissions are a major contributor of greenhouse gasses and pollutants leading to climate change and air pollution. As a result, Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax) in the UK is now directly linked to vehicle emissions. Low emission vehicles also tend to be cheaper to run with better fuel economy and, in certain cases, Congestion Charge exempt. Next Green Car's microsite aims not only to offer an overview of key emissions topics, namely the type and impact of road transport emissions, an overview of the Next Green Car Rating and an introduction to the new category of "ultra low emission vehicles" (ULEVs) but also to provide search tools to find a low emission new or used car. The low emission search area enables search by vehicle class and for the user to compare emissions between similar vehicles; the make/model search allows comparison of different models from a single manufacturer or between different variants of the same model.


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