1149cc (1.2 litre), Manual 5-speed, door



RENAULT Modus CO2 emissions calculator


  • 38
    NGC Rating
    0 greenest to 100 most polluting
  • 48MPG
    Official MPG (combined)
    Metric: 5.9 litres / 100km
  • 140g/km
    Official CO2 emissions
    Vehicle tailpipe emissions only
  • 23%
    Company car BIK 2015/16
    25% (2016/17); 27% (2017/18)

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38 Based on official emissions data

  • Climate change / air quality
    0 greenest to 100 most polluting
  • Official MPG (combined)
    Metric: 5.9 litres/100km
    48 MPG
  • Real MPG (estimated)
    Metric: 7 litres/100km
    42 MPG
  • Official CO2 emissions
    Measured on NEDC test cycle
    140 g/km
  • Euro standard (NEDC test)
    NOx: 0.035 g/km; PM10: 0.000 g/km
Life cycle CO2 Life cycle CO2 shows the amount of CO2 emissions in g/km over the life time of a vehicle (assuming 150,000 km). The life cycle emissions include tailpipe emissions (official test), and emissions generated during fuel and vehicle production (estimated). more 

38 This RENAULT Modus has an overall Green Car Rating of 38 with tailpipe CO2 emission of 140g/km. This model achieves Euro E4 standard with tailpipe emissions of NOx 0.035g/km, HC 0.059g/km, PMs 0g/km and CO 0.439g/km.

Car CO2 emissions calculator The Car CO2 emissions calculator estimates the Total and Tailpipe CO2 emissions (in tonnes) for selected vehicle, driving style, road type and distance driven. BETA

Calculate total CO2 emissions using this car over different road types and driving styles

Total car CO2 Total CO2 shows the total emissions (in tonnes) for the vehicle and distance selected. The emissions calculation is based on the vehicle's life cycle emissions which include tailpipe emissions (official test), and emissions generated during fuel and vehicle production (estimated assuming 150,000km lifetime). The calculation also includes driver and road type factors (as selected) and a 'real-world' correction of 15%.
  • Units: Select miles or kilometres as the units for your calculation. Miles Km
  • Driver style: Default assumes average UK driving style. Selecting 'boy/girl racer' will increase the amount of emissions, and 'eco driving' will reduce emissions for a given journey.
  • Road type: Default assumes a mix of UK road types. For petrol and diesel cars selecting 'Urban' roads will increase the amount of emissions, and 'Highway' will tend to decrease the amount of emissions for a given distance.
  • Annual or journey mileage Enter an annual or journey distance to calculate the CO2 emissions for the vehicle selected. Miles
    • Total CO2 emissons: 3.41 tonnes
    • Tailpipe CO2 emissions: 2.59 tonnes

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