RENAULT Master Minibus cost calculators

RENAULT Master Minibus LM39 dCi 125 FWD Quickshift 2012

2298cc (2.3 litre), Semi-automatic 6-speed, 4 door

Fuel Image


Small Vans, minibus

RENAULT Master Minibus cost calculators


  • 61
    Green Car Rating
    0 greenest to 100 most polluting
  • 35MPG
    Official MPG (combined)
    Metric: 8.1 litres / 100km
  • 214g/km
    Official CO2 emissions
    Vehicle tailpipe emissions only
  • 35%
    Company car BIK 2014/15
    37% (2015/16); 37% (2016/17)
  • 214 g/kmK
  • £635
  • £285
  • £37,889 214g/km

fuel cost 2015The forecourt price of a litre of fuel is comprised of the product cost (around 50p per litre), the retailers margin (often only 5p per litre or less), fuel duty (currently 58p per litre for diesel and petrol) plus VAT (around 20-25p depending on price). See fuel duty page for more.

car tax 2015For cars registered since March 2001, car tax rates are based on thirteen car tax bands (A to M), each band being defined by a range of tailpipe CO2 emissions as measured on the official test. For older cars, car tax is determined by engine size. See our car tax microsite for more.

company car tax 2015If a car is made available for private use, the employee is liable to pay Company Car Tax to reflect the 'Benefit-in-Kind' (BIK) received. The tax payable is calculated using the vehicle's BIK rate -based on its official CO2 emissions and fuel type. See our company car tax microsite for more.

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