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Company car tax calculator 2014Use our company car tax calculator to find the BIK amount (taxable equivalent pay) and tax payable for a specific new car.

Your results will show P11D price, CO2 emissions, and BIK rates, BIK amount and company car tax payable over next three financial years.

All tax rates shown reflect changes announced in Budget 2014.

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Use the drop-down menus shown to select the required make and model, fuel type, engine size and vehicle description.

When selected, BIK rates and company car tax for 2012-15 will be displayed in this box.

How company car tax is calculated

The tax payable on a company car is based on the 'P11D' price published by the manufacturer (including VAT), and the vehicle's BIK rate which is based on its CO2 emissions and fuel type.

Any capital contributions that the employee makes towards the purchase of the car, up to a maximum amount, reduce the vehicle's taxable (P11D) value.

The basic calculation to determine the amount of CC-Tax payable is as follows:
CC-Tax = P11D value x BIK rate based on CO2 x employees tax rate [20% or 40%]

See BIK rates 2012-2015 for current and future BIK rates or search cars by BIK rate to find all new cars with particular BIK rate vales.

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