Company car tax overview

  • All you need to know about
    UK company car tax in 2014
  • Changes to BIK rates
    announced in Budget 2014

BIK rates 2014-2019

Company car BIK rates 2014-2019

BIK rates start at 10% for petrol and 13% for diesel vehicles, the rate increasing in 1% increments with CO2... more »

Percentage BIK rates from 2015

From April 2015, all BIK rates for cars with CO2 emissions of more than 75 g/km are planned to increase... more »

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Company car tax calculator

  • Company car tax calculated
    for all new UK cars in 2014
  • Check your BIK rates for
    2014-2019 here

CC-Tax by make and model

Employer costs and benefits

Employer Class 1A NICs

Class 1A National Insurance Contributions must be paid for each car provided to an employee for... more »

Enhanced Capital Allowances

Until 31 March 2015, electric vehicles and vehicles with C02 emissions of less than 95 g/km are eligible... more »

Future company car tax trends

  • Company car tax and BIK rates beyond 2015
  • Longer term developments
    for company car tax

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