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    UK car tax (aka 'road tax')
  • Changes to road tax and
    fuel duty in Budget 2014

Car tax bands 2014-15

What are the current tax bands?

vehicle tax post 2001For cars registered since 2001, vehicle tax is now based on one of thirteen CO2 bands (A to M)... more »

Tax rates for older cars pre-2001

road tax pre 2001For cars registered before 2001, road tax is charged according to engine size as measure in 'cc'... more »


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Car tax calculator

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Car tax news

UK fuel duty rates

Current fuel duty rates 2014-2015

UK fuel duty is currently 58p per litre for petrol and diesel. For vehicle fuels with lower emissions... more »

How much of the pump price is tax?

For petrol and diesel, fuel duty currently accounts for around 50% of the price at the pump... more »


Car tax guide

Welcome to Next Green Car’s car tax microsite where you can find out everything you need to know about car tax in the UK. Since 2005 car tax, formerly known as vehicle excise duty (VED), has been based on vehicle tail-pipe CO2 emissions to incentivise greener driving. This guide enables you to: get an overview of UK road tax including updates from the Budget 2014, find out the car tax band for each level of CO2 emissions and the resultant amount of car tax payable, and see a list of vehicles available to buy within each tax band or search for car tax rates by make and model. If you are looking for the 2014/15 road tax for a specific vehicle, whether new or used, you can use the car tax calculator. Also included is information on fuel duty rates, updated to reflect changes in the Budget 2014, and the latest car tax news.


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