Car tax 2014

  • All you need to know about
    UK car tax (aka 'road tax')
  • Changes to road tax and
    fuel duty in Budget 2014

Car tax bands 2014-15

What are the current tax bands?

vehicle tax post 2001For cars registered since 2001, vehicle tax is now based on one of thirteen CO2 bands (A to M)... more »

Tax rates for older cars pre-2001

road tax pre 2001For cars registered before 2001, road tax is charged according to engine size as measure in 'cc'... more »


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Car tax calculator

  • Road tax calculated for all
    new and used cars
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    for 2014-2015 here

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Car tax news

UK fuel duty rates

Current fuel duty rates 2014-2015

UK fuel duty is currently 58p per litre for petrol and diesel. For vehicle fuels with lower emissions... more »

How much of the pump price is tax?

For petrol and diesel, fuel duty currently accounts for around 50% of the price at the pump... more »


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