Next Green Car – Supermini Awards 2016

Supermini WINNER
Renault Zoe Z.E. 40 – CO2 0 g/km – NGC 25

The new Renault Zoe Z.E. 40 looks like it could be a landmark car for the automotive industry, and the reason is simple; it offers far more range for its money than any other EV on the road. While most other electric cars launched in the last year have quoted ranges of 150 to 180 miles, Renault’s new offering is capable of 250 miles (200 miles real-world). The best news is that the rest of the car is also rather good. A light and airy cabin has benefitted from an equipment upgrade, and two new long-distance aiding apps are now available. The Zoe makes a perfect supermini, capable on the open road but excelling in busier traffic, running along almost silently and with zero-tailpipe emissions. In short, Renault took what was already a very good EV, and made it superb. Priced from £17,845 (inc Category 1 OLEV grant).

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NGC verdict: "Renault roots out any range anxiety with its new Zoe Z.E. 40, offering a 250 mile range in an already strong supermini package. Nicely designed and easy to use, the zero-emission Zoe now has more than enough range to persuade even the most anxious driver into an EV."

"We're delighted that Next Green Car has chosen the Renault ZOE as its Best Supermini, its decision reaffirming that the ZOE is not just a superb electric vehicle, but is also a versatile, comfortable and easy-to-own car in its own right, irrespective of how it is powered."
Paul Flanagan, Managing Director, Groupe Renault UK

BMW i3 94 Ah – CO2 89g/km – NGC Rating 23

In any other year, the BMW i3 would have taken the Supermini award comfortably. The new i3 offers a significantly improved range from its battery than the outgoing model with 195 miles officially quoted (156 miles real-world estimate). That's plenty of range for most drivers, and when you consider the how good the rest of the i3's attributes are, BMW offers an excellent EV package. Sharp handling with rapid acceleration and strong brake energy recuperation provide engaging driving dynamics, while the eco-friendly, minimalist cabin is a pleasure in which to spend driving time. Priced from £27,830 (inc Category 1 OLEV grant).

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Date Updated:10th Jul 2018

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