Next Green Car – Small Family Car Awards 2016

Small Family Car WINNER
Hyundai Ioniq Electric – CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 22

A brand new entrant, Hyundai's Ioniq Electric does far more than just challenge the best electric car in its class, instead going straight to the top and is NGC’s best small family car in 2016. The Ioniq Electric boasts a handy 174 mile official range (140 miles real-world) with more than enough space inside for a family and their luggage. With a nicely balanced set-up, the Ioniq is comfortable to drive, responding well to being pushed along in Sport mode that peps things up a bit when required. Nicely styled, well equipped, and excellent value for money, the Ioniq Electric is not only a fantastic electric car, it more than holds its own against conventionally powered rivals. Priced from £24,495 (inc Category 1 OLEV grant).

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NGC verdict: "It's tough to find any flaws with the Ioniq Electric. Hyundai has packed plenty of performance, practicality, range and value for money into the new model, making it a genuine winner that will tempt many buyers into their first electric car."

Small Family Car COMMENDED
Renault Megane – CO2 39 g/km – NGC Rating 34

With a series of beautifully styled new cars that are both extremely capable and frugal, this year sees Renault on a roll. With its sleek lines, firm handling, and sub-100 g/km CO2 emissions, the new Megane follows the trend. Taking on the best small family cars in an extremely competitive sector, the Megane more than manages to hold its own, doing so with distinctly French styling and a fuel economy of 76 MPG (55 MPG real world). With plenty of frugal engines to choose from and excellent levels of equipment, the new Megane has plenty under the surface to satisfy those first tempted by the model’s striking looks. Priced from £16,950.

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Chris Lilly

Author:Chris Lilly
Date Updated:10th Jul 2018

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