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Next Generation WINNER
Riversimple Rasa – CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating TBC

WINNER: Riversimple Rasa

NGC has never presented the Next Gen Award, which recognises the most innovative models close to launch, to a more eligible vehicle. The Rasa is the most efficient 'well-to-wheel' car in the world, combining an ultra-efficient hydrogen fuel cell powertrain with extremely low weight and slippery aerodynamics to achieve the equivalent of 250 MPG. The only emission from the tailpipe is water vapour and the Rasa can travel 300 miles on just 1.5 kg of hydrogen. Electric motors are placed in each of the four wheels to reduce weight and size of the power unit, and the fuel cell car uses super-capacitors rather than a battery to improve the efficiency of regenerative braking. The best thing about the Rasa is that, despite it looking like a manufacturer's concept vehicle, the car will be available to drive in a public trial before a full production run in 2018 - we can't wait!

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NGC verdict: "Ultra-efficient, the Riversimple Rasa was designed on a clean sheet of paper, and it shows. No other car maker can touch Riversimple's dedication to efficiency, and the technology found on the Rasa is proof that such a car can be done and done well."

"We are absolutely delighted to have won the 'Next Generation' category of the Next Green Car Awards. Next Green Car has been at the forefront of exploring the paradigm shift towards green motoring – a shift echoed by our goal to eliminate the environmental impact of personal transport.

"The Rasa is great fun to drive, light and responsive to handle and has a fast refuelling time – we are looking forward to getting 20 cars into customers' hands in a Beta test next year in Monmouthshire.

"We are currently the only independent hydrogen car-maker in the world, and are pioneering a circular business model – promoting less waste and sustainable mobility. Our cars will be offered on an all-inclusive subscription, much like a mobile phone contract, which removes the burden of depreciation from the customer and also makes green, cutting-edge technology affordable and accessible."

Hugo Spowers, Riversimple Founder:

Next Generation COMMENDED
Tesla Model 3 – CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating TBC

WINNER: Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is one of the biggest automotive stories of 2016, and the amount of excitement has seen hundreds of thousands of potential customers pre-order the car already. The reason is simple; Tesla is looking to offer a slightly scaled down version of its hugely successful Model S, at a significantly scaled down price. A widely affordable car, the Model 3 will present a significant challenge to established small executive models such as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. While confirmed details are scarce, a real-world driving range comfortably over 200 miles is expected, as is Tesla's signatures of high-performance, innovation and connectivity options.

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Date Updated:10th Jul 2018

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